2005 top 10:

2005 top 10:

Six Feet Under

The final season of creator Alan Ball’s brilliant
HBOseries was moving, unexpected, and clever.
We’ll miss our -family, but at least we know
how they die.

Postcards From Buster

The PBS series took kids to Vermont to visit with some
lesbian moms, and to D.C. to visit with the homophobes
who pulled the episode.

Noah’s Arc

Smart, sexy gay men of color coupling and uncoupling and
making us blush, laugh, and sniffle. A dream of
creator Patrik-Ian Polk finds reality on Logo.


Many of us are latecomers to this sly, steely
plastic-surgery soap, but loyal fans recognized Ryan
Murphy’s twisted 
genius when his series
premiered in 2003.

Logo’s launch

Varla Jean Merman explaining Stonewall and the terrific
doc The Evolution Will Be Televised made the debut
evening an event of true promise.

The Long Firm

Jake Arnott’s page-turner about a ruthless queer
gangster became a compelling BBC miniseries with Mark
Strong as the brutal, charismatic Harry Starks.

Project Runway

From the flighty fabulousness of Austin Scarlett to the
outrageous snark of winner Jay McCarroll, Bravo’s
-fashion reality show had us hooked.

Lackawanna Blues

Ace theater director George C. Wolfe scored a TV hit
with this period tale of one dauntless black
businesswoman and her boarding house.


The Sundance Channel and Logo placed a spotlight on a
rarely-heard-from set—college-age trans
folk—resulting in eye-opening television.

Third Man Out

This first entry in Here TV’s gay detective
series, starring Chad Allen as Donald Strachey,
stirred our appetite for 
further trips into
New York’s gay underworld.

In a category all
its own

Party Line With Dan and Steve

A fresh new kind of reality TV, with a real-life
catering couple offering cooking tips on the Food
Network. What took so long?

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