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Film on Gay Seniors to Screen in Russia

Film on Gay Seniors to Screen in Russia

A documentary featuring gay subjects will be screening in Russia this month.

The documentary, Before You Know It, follows three gay seniors living in different regions of the United States. It was recently featured by The Advocate as an online centerpiece during "Prime Timers" week, a collection of articles and op-eds that celebrate the lives of elder LGBT people.

Before You Know It will screen in the midst of the hostile atmosphere facilitated and stoked by Russia’s “gay propaganda” law, which prohibits positive depictions of LGBT people in the media, in public, or wherever they might be visible to minors.

The film celebrates three gay men who have witnessed significant political and cultural upheavals in their lifetimes — from the Stonewall uprising to Lady Gaga — as they navigate their golden years.

“Government and political structures don't always reflect the beliefs and values of their people, so we hope this documentary will provide an outlet for those searching for and supporting LGBT rights,” PJ Raval, the film’s director, said in a statement. “The subjects of this documentary have lived through enormous political change including the rise of LGBT rights in the U.S. We hope their stories will serve as a source of inspiration for those in Russia.”

Before You Know It will screen Friday, September 13, at the Saratov Sufferings International Film Festival of Documentary Drama in Saratov, Russia. Watch the trailer below.

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