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16 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay or Bi

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Ted Haggard
Antigay evangelical pastor Ted Haggard had a bad year in 2006, when prostitute Mike Jones claimed the pastor paid him for sex and did meth in his presence. Months later, Haggard was forced to admit he had a sexual relationship with a 20-year-old male volunteer at his church. Haggard was subsequently fired from the Colorado church he had founded in 1984 and since then has come to support marriage equality.

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Steve Wiles
Republican North Carolina State Senate candidate Steve Wiles caused quite the media buzz last year when his past life as a drag queen — he was both a promoter for the Miss Gay America pageant, as well as the man behind Miss Mona Sinclair — was brought to light in the Winston-Salem Journal. In his campaign, Wiles took a hard stance against marriage equality and stated, “I don't really understand how you can separate the fact that marriage is a religious institution.” He went down to defeat in the primary.


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