See the Billboard Apology a Church Bought in North Carolina

See the Billboard Apology a Church Bought in North Carolina

One California church has a message for North Carolina voters, and it's bought a billboard in the state to make its point.

The sign reacts to the 61% of voters who supported Amendment One, amending the state's constitution to prevent legal recognition of any relationship other than heterosexual marriage. It will read, "Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who denied rights and equality to so many in the name of God."

The billboard is purchased by Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diego and is positioned along a busy portion of Billy Graham Parkway. The influential evangelical pastor who is the road's namesake campaigned in favor of Amendment One, placing a series of full-page ads in newspapers across his home state.

But pastor Alex Roller told KQED, a California public radio station, that placing the message near the Billy Graham highway wasn't a jab at the preacher.

"Because of the number of words on the billboard, we wanted it to be at a place that was prominent, but where people driving by would either be slowing down or could read the entire text while continuing," he said.

Instead Roller told KQED the San Diego church felt compelled to get involved on the other coast of the country because a similar billboard it had purchased in California after passage of Proposition 8 was getting some renewed attention in North Carolina.

Each billboard costs $3,000 for four weeks, and the church hopes to raise enough money via its Givimo page to add more of them and keep them up in Charlotte throughout the Democratic National Convention in September.

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