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Church Anthem Sends a Message of Acceptance to Minnesota

Church Anthem Sends a Message of Acceptance to Minnesota

When Minnesotans go to the polls in November to decide whether to ban same-sex marriage, LGBT activists are counting on strong support from religious communities. Minnesotans United for All Families has, for example, worked to build a coalition of inclusive congregations willing to stand up for marriage equality.

The latest show of religious support comes from Catholics for Marriage Equality in video of a church anthem, "For All the Children," which was first written in 2007 by Minnesota composer David Lohman. People of faith gathered at Calvary Lutheran Church in Minneapolis "to give voice to their faith, their hope and their conscience," an introduction to the video explains. But the lyrics and imagery perhaps best share their message of welcome:

"O, may our hearts and minds be opened,
fling the church doors open wide.
May there be room enough for everyone inside.
For in God there is a welcome,
in God we all belong;
may that welcome be our song."

Watch the video below.

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