Transgender Woman Alleges Discrimination by Bridal Shop

Transgender Woman Alleges Discrimination by Bridal Shop

A transgender woman in Canada’s Saskatchewan province has filed a discrimination complaint against a bridal shop that wouldn’t let her try on gowns, with a clerk reportedly telling her men weren’t allowed to do so.

Rohit Singh filed the complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Wednesday, alleging discrimination by Jenny’s Bridal Boutique in Saskatoon when she was shopping there in April, Global News reports.

“I never think that I’m a man, and if I think that, it makes me emotionally depressed and all those things — and that’s what [the employee] did with me,” Singh said. “It’s not just my battle. It’s the battle of all the transgender community, which is discriminated against day by day by all of society.”

Singh later found a gown at a more welcoming Saskatoon shop, and she was married April 29. Allies held a rally in support of her and in protest of Jenny’s Bridal Boutique May 4.

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