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Trans Homecoming Queen Poses for NOH8 Campaign

Trans Homecoming Queen Poses for NOH8 Campaign

The transgender teenager who was crowned homecoming queen at her Huntington Beach, Calif., high school is taking a stand against the bullies who she said left her "distraught" after her historic victory. 

Cassidy Lynn Campbell was crowned Homecoming queen at Marina High School on September 20. At the time, she said she was "so proud to win this, not just for me but for everyone out there, and for every kid." 

But the next day, Campbell posted a tearful video to her prolific YouTube channel where she said "mean," "ignorant" people online who criticized her victory and hurled transphobic comments at her. "I'm so sad, I'm so distraught, and so broken down, and so upset, and so deteriorated and so tired of this world," Campbell said in the nearly nine-minute video published September 21. 

Now, Campbell has taken a public stand against the bigotry that sullied her victory by posing for photographer Adam Bouska's pro-LGBT NOH8 campaign. 

Take a look at Campbell's photo below, and check out other shots from the celebrity-laden NOH8 campaign here.


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