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WATCH: Inspirational 9-Year-Old Trans Girl Has Big Dreams

WATCH: Inspirational 9-Year-Old Trans Girl Has Big Dreams

Cee Cee Ott is a 9-year-old transgender girl from Nevada. Cee Cee has known she's a girl ever since she was three years old.

"I wanted to be a girl at that time, but I couldn't because at the time I was a boy, so I had to be there and dress up like a boy," she told Reno's KOLO-TV. "It was miserable."

Luckily for Cee Cee, her parents Shanna and Nicole provided her with all the love and support their young daughter needed to flourish. Cee Cee knows it, too, telling KOLO, "There's not very many people who support people like that."

"Our society is used to having a binary gender system where people are either male or female, and when people don't fit in those boxes, it makes things more complicated and unfortunately, sometimes very unsafe," said Nicole Ott. This concern for her daughter's safety drove the couple to homeschool Cee Cee after kindergarten.

Cee Cee wants to be a surgeon who specializes in gender-confirming surgeries when she grows up, so she can help others like her.

Cee Cee is excited to be returning to public school this year.

Watch KOLO's segment on the eloquent 9-year-old below.




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