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The Prom's Lesbian Kiss Sends Christian Homophobes Into a Frenzy

The Prom's Lesbian Kiss Sends Christian Homophobes Into a Frenzy

The Prom

The kiss between two women during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade outraged anti-gay Christians like Linda Harvey who called homosexuality an "airborne infection." 

The homophobes were clutching their pearl onions on Thanksgiving after the Broadway show The Prom made history with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's first-ever same-sex kiss. While so many people on social responded to the image of two women kissing in front of millions during the time-honored event with messages that "love is love" and stories about how the benchmark moment made them cry, there were, of course, detractors and haters. Chief among them was Christian radio host Linda Harvey, according to a blog she wrote on LifeSite.

Upon witnessing the kiss between women at the end of the number "Build a Prom" during the Macy's parade, founder of the anti-LGBTQ Christian organization Mission: America,who once claimed that sex education classes teach kids how to have oral and anal sex (like homosexuals),sat down to pen a screed about how the homosexual agenda had been "thrust in America's face" on Thanksgiving.

"This offense, this corruption is deliberate as the procession toward normalizing decadence marches on," Harvey wrote.

"This agenda is like an airborne infection that's suddenly everywhere," she continued. "From 'LGBT' affirming church youth groups, to 'gay'-affirming anti-bullying school lessons, to rainbow 'pride' apparel sold at Target and Walmart during the spring and summer, to the obligatory pro-homosexual article in the daily newspaper, to disturbed transvestites reading to preschoolers in libraries."

The Prom, directed by Casey Nicholaw and culled from real-life stories of LGBTQ kids banned from taking the person of their choice to prom, stars Caitlin Kinnunen as Emma, a lesbian teen in a small Indiana town. Rather than allow Emma to take her girlfriend Alyssa (Isabelle McCalla) to prom, the PTA opts to cancel the teen rite of passage entirely. Eventually, a group of theater people discover Emma's plight and offer to help pull off a prom.

During the hours-long broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade that is chock-full of balloon animals and marching bands, Harvey interpreted one sweet love story as a catalyst for the apocalypse.

"It seems to be critically important to stick it to our children, all in the name of phony "tolerance" and "acceptance," embracing sins leading to personal disaster, societal destruction and spiritual death," she wrote.

But she wasn't the only right-wing Christian homophobe to lose it over The Prom's message of love.

Among those decrying the kiss was Billy Graham's granddaughter Cissie Graham Lynch, whose antigay tweet was met with scores of pro-LGBTQ responses.

Still others, like actress and activist Alyssa Milano, began responding to the hate by calling out the hypocrisy in being outraged at a same-sex kiss but not by the active shooter drills kids are regularly exposed to these days.

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