WATCH: 'Your Holiday Mom' Loves You as You Are

WATCH: 'Your Holiday Mom' Loves You as You Are

A multimedia project aiming to foster parental acceptance of LGBT youth is kicking off the holiday season with a heartwarming message: "Your holiday mom loves you as you are."

Every day from Thanksgiving Day through January 1, real moms who support their LGBT kids will be featured on, a blog created by "moms who are lovingly supportive of all children who identify as LGBTQ," according to the site. Daily posts will feature letters, videos, and audio from supportive mothers affirming a child's LGBT identity.

The initial video, which features an audio recording that inspired the blog's 2011 launch, carries with it a message that is much needed in this family-centric holiday season, when countless LGBT youth and adults find themselves rejected from their homes and families simply because of who they are.

"As your holiday mom, I accept you," says a maternal voice in the video. "I care about you. I'm interested in you. I want you to love, and I want you to be loved."

Watch the video below, and grab a tissue. 


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