Why is This Trans Kid in Afghanistan Jubilant?

Why is This Trans Kid in Afghanistan Jubilant?

Sixteen-year-old Enamullah has become the youngest person in Afghanistan to have a gender reassignment surgery. According to the Lahore Times, Enamullah was assigned female at birth, lived in the Paloso naw village of Kunar province, and began to talk to his parents about being a boy about two years ago.

"I understood that I have not seen any marks that I am a girl, so I shared it with my uncle’s wife, and she told to my parents," Enamullah told Lahore Times reporter Hamayoun Mahzon. After getting referred from a local physician to Dr. Haider, the chief of Kunar Provincial Hospital, Mahzon writes that Haider told Enamullah "that you are 70% boy, and we will have a small operation, and you will become ok."

 The 16-year-old trans boy told reporters he's incredibly happy after the operation, as are his parents, in large part because he is the only boy in the family. He has 10 sisters. Even Enamullah's former fiance helped him celebrate his transition, though he's now planning to marry someone else.

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