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Kids Say the Darndest LGBT Things

Kids Say the Darndest LGBT Things

Fellow teachers, students, and union members took to the streets to march in memory of Lucy Meadows, a 32-year-old transgender teacher in Lancashire, England, who was found dead in March after being harassed by the media after she came out as transgender. Among the supporters was 7-year-old Daisy Moreton, a student of student of Meadows at St Mary Magdalen's. According to Pink News, Moreton's poem about her former teacher, read as follows:

Makes you happy/ In high spirits /Smiles/ Said kind things

Made us feel good/ Ever helpful/ Always nice/ Delightful

One of a kind

Wonderful teacher


Meanwhile across the pond, a fourth grader penned a charmingand heartfelt essay on why gay people should be allowed to get married. Posted on Reddit and HRC's blog, the best line includes this gambit: "It doesn't matter if it creeps you out. Just get over it."

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