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As a Commentator, Johnny Weir Thrills, Infuriates, and Changes Minds

Johnny Weir

When someone as proudly flamboyant as Weir headlines a network's Olympics coverage, feathers are bound to be ruffled.

After skating in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Johnny Weir has made his way back to the world's most competitive arena, but this time its for what he can do with his voice rather than his body. As a commentator on NBC during their 2018 Olympics coverage, he's drawing almost more attention than the competitors.

Adorning high fashion, gender non-comforming outfits at the events and unapologetically criticizing the performances in South Korea, Weir has come under fire for being too flamboyant. Many have criticized the out commentator for being too harsh and attention seeking, even stooping to homophobic tweets to bring Weir down.

However, Weir refuses to be stopped, and many are thrilled by his persistence to be himself when it comes to clothes and commentaries.

Most fans are standing with Weir, loving how his strong personality is spicing the games up.

Love him or hate him, the skater has drawn more attention than ever, performing on Lip Sync Battle and breaking more gender boundaries than ever before -- with the help of a little Lady Gaga and Celine Dion.

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