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Last Words With Drag Race's Rock M. Sakura 

Last Words With Drag Race's Rock M. Sakura 

Rock M. Sakura

The eliminated contestant talks Asian representation on Drag Race, drug addiction, and how to support drag performers in an extraordinary time.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

On this week's RuPaul's Drag Race, Rock M. Sakura sashayed away after lip-synching for her life against Brita Filter. The queens had been tasked with showcasing three ball-themed looks -- sports puns abounded -- and Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live served up a lot of comedy as a guest judge.

Although Sakura wowed the judges with a wig that transformed into a ball-in-a-cup, she ultimately went over-the-top in the final look with way too many balls -- even for Michelle Visage.

Below, the San Francisco native discusses Asian representation on Drag Race, life on lockdown, the impact of sharing the story of her mother's meth addiction, and how to support drag performers in an extraordinary time.

What steps are you taking to protect your health?
Definitely social distancing. I've been doing this for a long time anyways because I'm introverted and a nerd.

How are you making life in lockdown interesting?
The cabin fever has started to set in, but I try to make sure I at least change my clothes to get my day started. I live in an old converted nunnery -- so I go on the roof for some fresh air or visit the old chapel.

Drag queens make their living from events, making them particularly vulnerable right now. How can fans support their favorite queens (and you!) in this extraordinary time?
There are so many ways to support us. I'm having my first digital drag show [last Friday night]! I also draw everything by hand so you can buy my merch at!

You were nervous about representing San Francisco, which has received surprisingly little representation on Drag Race throughout its seasons. What has been the feedback from your hometown?
I am surprised the feedback has been nothing but positive. They are so happy I'm representing the city, especially the fact that I'm empathetic, vulnerable and creative.

You bravely spoke about how your mother's addiction to meth impacted your life. What do you hope is the impact of your story?
I've already seen a lot of the impact. They have reached out about their own parents' addiction. From telling my story, I just want people to know you can do amazing things and one, you deserve to be here; two, you are not alone; and three, it's not your fault, you are not responsible for other people.

You talked about how there is a perception that Asian queens have it "easier" than non-Asian queens. What would you say to the doubters now?
If you people are doubting that we have it easier, look at my hog body and see how big of a transformation I do.

What gives you hope and happiness right now?
People that know me know that I am very influenced by K-pop and J-pop and that is all I listen to. The lyrics have given me so much happiness and they continue to give me happiness 'til this day.

Support Rock M. Sakura and other performers on Twitch's digital drag show.

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