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Jenny Boylan Shares Heartrending Stories From Trans Service Members on Twitter

Jenny Boylan

In response to Donald Trump’s repugnant announcement via a series of tweets Wednesday that he would ban transgender people from serving in the military, author, professor, New York Times columnist, and trans activist Jenny Boylan tweeted a series of stories she collected from trans service members who wanted to share their experiences of being in the military. 

While social media raged in response to Trump’s cynical, dangerous decision to reverse policy made under President Barack Obama’s administration that would allow trans people to serve, Boylan curated heartfelt testimonials from those who are serving or who had served the country with dignity and honor, something Trump used “bone spurs” as an excuse to get out of doing. 

One of the stories pointed out that Trump chose the historic anniversary when President Harry Truman integrated people of color into the military while others vowed they would not go easily into the night. 

Here are their stories.  


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