Lesbian Couple First to Adopt in Newfoundland

Lesbian Couple First to Adopt in Newfoundland

Lisa Reid and Joy Gosse, a lesbian couple that has been together nearly two decades, became one of the first same-sex couples in Newfoundland and Labrador allowed to legally adopt a child. In their case, two: on Thursday the two women adopted a son and a daughter — children they have been fostering since last year, according to CBC News.

CBC reports that while the couple's social worker "said they were the first same-sex couple to adopt in the province, there is at least one other. A Labrador couple told CBC News that they adopted a child five years ago. Nonetheless, Reid and Gosse are proud to be at a social vanguard."

"I think we broke some new ground in some areas," Gosse told CBC. The women talked adoption "from the very first moment we met," said Reid. They filed adoption papers in 2008, but were worried because the adoption papers weren't made for same-sex couples and even health care workers didn't know how to deal wtih two mothers.

"They asked, 'So who's the mom? Who's the mother?' We said, 'Well, Lisa's mommy and I'm mama,'" Gosse told CBC. "And she shook her head and said, 'But which one is the mother?' We're both the mothers, we're lesbians."

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