Meet the People Fired for Being LGBT in 2013

Meet the People Fired for Being LGBT in 2013

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Bradley Kindrick, employee at 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach, Va., until March:

Bradley Kindrick says he was working the overnight shift at a 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach on March 24 when a man entered the convenience store twice around 2 a.m. According to Kindrick, the man pinned Kindrick against a wall and assaulted him by forcibly kissing him. 

After Kindrick reported the assault, he says, his managers at the 7-Eleven fired him. Officials with the convenience store denied that Kindrick's dismissal was related to the assault or his sexuality, claiming Kindrick showed up to work drunk. 

"I think because I am openly homosexual, I think that they think maybe somebody would come in and do it again," Kindrick told local NBC affiliate WAVY. "I think that they made up a reason to let me go because they didn't want stuff like that happening at that store, and they felt like if they kept me, something like that would happen."


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