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Nina West Shows 'Drag Is Magic' in Kids' Music Video

Nina West

Nina West has become the Mrs. Doubtfire for a new generation of children.

The drag performer, who stars in season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race, has released a music video, "Drag Is Magic," in which she donned spectacles and a cardigan to teach kids the power of drag.

"What is drag? Drag is dress-up for girls and boys, and it's pretty hard to mess up. All you got to do is imagine what you want to be!" West sings to a group of kids.

Throughout the video, West transforms into a variety of looks, including a princess, a pirate, and a trash-bag queen. By its conclusion, the children are dancing in their own costumes to West's catchy tune.

"Drag Is Magic" is one of several songs on an EP of the same name that is geared toward educating and entertaining children. Other songs on Drag Is Magic include "The Reading Song" and "Go Big, Be Kind, Be You."

In an interview with HuffPost, the Ohio native said she hoped Drag Is Magic inspires youth to “dream big, be kind, and be their perfect selves," as well as "get creative and think outside the boxes us silly adults have crafted for them.”

The EP arrives in a moment in the United States when "drag queen story hour" programs, in which drag performers read books to kids, are rising in popularity and are also under attack by the right wing. The events have been the target of lawsuits by anti-LGBTQ groups as well as rogue bigots who crash them.

West has released an additional EP that is more adult-oriented, John Goodman. The songs, which include one track dedicated to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deal with cultural and political satire.

Watch "Drag Is Magic" below.

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