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Parents Throw a 'Gayceañera' to Celebrate Son's Coming Out


A gay teen's family threw a "gayceañera" on his 15th birthday in celebration of his coming out.

Heidi Irene and Terry Trammell organized the event on January 5 at an Italian restaurant in Glenn Burnie, Maryland, for their son Aiden. 

Heidi was inspired to create a "gayceañera" — a queer twist on the quinceañera, a traditional coming-of-age party for Latinx girls turning 15 — as a show of support to Aiden, who had recently come out.

Initially, Heidi searched out — and could not find any ideas for — a grand loving gesture for Aiden. However, as she recounted to PinkNews, the internet put her on the right path of what her son needed.

“Some articles and blogs that I did read, however, talked about the theme of gay people having to come out over and over again, and that straight people never have to come out," she said. “I thought to myself, I suppose that’s why people have coming out parties, so they can do it all at once and not have to come out as often.”

The result was a mini Pride party for her son. Friends and family gathered at the Sunset Restaurant and Lounge for rainbow-colored cake and place settings, closet-shaped cookies, gymnasts with rainbow-streaming batons, unicorn stuffed animals, an “Aiden trivia quiz," and music spun by one of Aiden's teachers.

The guest of honor even wore a rainbow-striped suit for the festive occasion.

Although the event was for Aiden, the gayceañera also inspired its guests and even the restaurant employees — some of whom approached Heidi with thanks for the show of love.

"One of the first things I would hope everyone could take away, in the simplest form, was joy,” Heidi told PinkNews.

“It was supportive for all the young people who attended to know that there are safe places and spaces where they may least expect it where they can be themselves,” Heidi added.

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