The Golden Age of Denial: Hercules, the Bisexual Demigod

Hercules has been the icon of alpha-masculinty for centuries — do you know about his gay love life?



Above: Hendrick Goltzius, Farnese Hercules, 1592

A perfect parting shot of Goltzius's etching of the ancient Roman statue known as the Farnese Hercules, which had been discovered in the Baths of Caracalla in Rome in 1546 and installed in a courtyard of the Farnese family's palace on the banks of the Tiber.

There is not one thing about this etching that is not supergay, from the incredible rendering of the muscles to the modern-day queens peering up from the right to the astoundingly phallic (uncut as well) pediment that Hercules rests on. For an even more breathless account of this statue and engraving, see this page at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sources:, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, The Getty Center, Wikipedia

Tags: Bisexuality, Art