The LGBT Parents of Prime Time

There were plenty of LGBT parents this season, including the gay dads on The New Normal and Modern Family, and the lesbian moms on Grey’s Anatomy. But what’s more interesting is finding out the characters we already love just happen to have LGBT parents. Here are some of our favorite recent outings.



Charlie and Alan's mom on Two and a Half Men
On a show that was centered (until last year) around a horndog of a manchild (embodied by actor Charlie Sheen), it was actually his mother, Evelyn, who exuded the most unbridled sexuality. She's had multiple marriages, affairs, and orgies, and in the first several seasons her bisexuality was alluded to. But in Sheen's last year on the show, Evelyn Harper (played pitch-perfectly by Holland Taylor) fell in love with and moved in with another woman — played by the legendary Georgia Engel (who came to fame on The Mary Tyler Moore Show). Engel played Jean, the mother of Evelyn's son's daughter (phew!), a perfectly peachy middle-American type of gal who goes gay (or bi) for Evelyn. This year, Jean seems to be gone, but no worries, Engel is now on Hot in Cleveland learning how to date from Betty White, which is kind of queer too.

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