A Tribe in Peril: The Hijra in Mumbai

Alison McCauley's essay and photos show the forces that threaten daily living for the transgender hijra: AIDS, rape, and the Indian government.



Despite the fact there are 1 million hijras in India, they still attract attention wherever they go.


Two hijras during Mumbai's Gay Pride march.


The graceful, Urmi, is a Transgender Representative with The Humsafar Trust. She works six days a week supporting the hijra in different communities spread throughout Mumbai.


These are just some of the many hijra I met in Mumbai. Their stories describe the positive work being done by organisations such as The Humsafar Trust, but also the emotionally and physically difficult and dangerous lives hijra are still forced to lead in contemporary India.

See more about the hijra and more of Alison McCauley's work on her Web site.

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