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Marriage Equality is a Trans Issue Too

 Marriage Equality is a Trans Issue, Too

Recent high-profile cases show that marriage equality is a transgender issue too.

New Year Same Hangover

New Year Same Hangover?

Five easy ways to feel great after a night of overdoing it.

Wicked Author What I Advocate This Month

Author: What I Advocate This Month 

Here’s what Gregory Maguire, author of Out of Oz, the final book in the Wicked Years series, is passionate about this month.

Spike Lees Protege is Gay

Spike Lee’s Protégé is Gay? 

Lesbian filmmaker Dee Rees is poised to enter a small club of prominent queer women of color directors with Pariah, her stunning Spike Lee–produced movie about an urban teen coming of age.

North Carolina A Ballot Blunder

North Carolina: A Ballot Blunder?

North Carolina remaining the only Southern state without a constitutional marriage ban depends on whether a Republican strategy backfires.

Closet Case Killer

Closet Case Killer

A new book provides an insider’s look at America’s first gay serial killer.

LGBT Centers Face Increased Needs

LGBT Centers Face Increased Needs 

Two of the nation’s oldest LGBT centers celebrate 40 years but still face increasing needs.

Marriage Whats It Worth

Marriage: What's It Worth?

Sometimes it’s more lucrative to stay single.

Dylan McDermott Scared Straight

Dylan McDermott: Scared Straight

The American Horror Story star explains why, even at 50, he’s not afraid to show some skin.

The Suicide Awareness Conundrum

The Suicide Awareness Conundrum

Jamey Rodemeyer has become the latest symbol for what’s wrong with bullying in schools, but that visibility carries inherent risks.

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