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What T Cooper Advocates This Month

What T Cooper Advocates This Month

Here’s what T Cooper, the author of Real Man Adventures is passionate about this month.

Out With the New The Evolution of LGBT Film Fests

Out With the New: The Evolution of LGBT Film Fests

With unexpected partnerships, mentoring, and restoration projects, Outfest sets the standard high, and movie buffs around the world win.

Rationalizing Paul Ryan

Rationalizing Paul Ryan

The potential vice president has an ugly history with LGBT issues, but some say he’s young enough to change course.

HIVs New Medicine Cabinet

HIV's New Medicine Cabinet

A home testing kit and a new treatment hit drugstores this fall.

Queers in the Kitchen

Queers in the Kitchen

From the looks of Bravo and the Food Network, gay and lesbian chefs are ubiquitous. But big-name LGBT cooks say they’re still the minority — underpaid and underrepresented.

Will We Evolve Too

Will We Evolve Too?

Gaining wider acceptance for LGBT rights often means supporting causes that disproportionately affect other minority communities. Can we collectively look beyond issues important to white people?

Editors Letter November 2012

Editor's Letter: On a New LGBT Magna Carta

The time for separatist movements has gone, and we need to act collectively.

The FRC Heads to Spin City

The FRC Heads to Spin City

The Family Research Council shooting became another media opportunity for antigay groups to demonize LGBTs.

Steel Magnolias Are Back In Bloom

Steel Magnolias Back In Bloom

With its bitchy dialogue, big emotions, and even bigger hair, an all-black remake shows Steel Magnolias continues to strike a powerful chord with LGBT fans.

A New Top Watchdog at GLAAD

A New Top Watchdog at GLAAD

Herndon Graddick, the new executive director of GLAAD, talks about the outlook for the preeminent LGBT media watchdog following some high-profile bumps.

Florida Fail What Happened in Jacksonville

Florida #Fail: What Happened in Jacksonville

Cities began protecting gays in the 1970s, but some burgs still struggle with the concept.

With California So Goes the Nation

With California, So Goes the Nation?

Three LGBT bills had potential to make history in California; two became law.

The Meaning of Frank Ocean

The Meaning of Frank Ocean

When the up-and-coming musician came out, he drew praise from celebrities and his hip-hop collaborators, and revived the question of whether gays have a place in the industry.