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Meet the Olympics Gay Cousin

Meet the Olympics’ Gay Cousin

A few thousand miles from London, gay athletes converged to play and party.

New Orleans Is Ready for Southern Decadence, But Are You

New Orleans Is Ready for Southern Decadence, But Are You?

“The Big Easy,” the nickname often bestowed on New Orleans, suggests a slow-paced, easygoing lifestyle.

Scouts Dishonor

Scouts' Dishonor

From straight teen Steven Cozza to gay mom Jennifer Tyrrell, advocates have fought for years to end discrimination by the Boy Scouts, and this summer they finally claimed a victory.

The Myth About Black Voters

The Myth About Black Voters

The NAACP and President Obama help change the conversation about African-Americans and marriage equality.

Andrew Rannells Meet The New Normals Bryan

Andrew Rannells: Meet The New Normal's Bryan

Actor Andrew Rannells leaves behind missionary work in Broadway’s most outrageous musical to redefine fatherhood in the surrogate baby sitcom The New Normal.

The True Meaning of Going Green

The True Meaning of 'Going Green'

The ins and outs of ditching meat.

What Rebekah Weatherspoon Advocates This Month

What This Author Is Passionate About

Here’s what Rebekah Weatherspoon, author of romances Better Off Red and The Fling, is passionate about this month

Editors Letter August 2012

Editor's Letter: Behind Our Endorsement

It's time to endorse Obama.

Stephany Lee Tough Talk From The Mat

Stephany Lee: Tough Talk From The Mat

Out wrestler Stephany Lee thought she was going to the Olympics when she spoke with The Advocate in May. But weeks later, a positive drug test disqualified her.

Philadelphia versus The Boy Scouts

Philadelphia v. The Boy Scouts

A new chapter begins in the battle between Philadelphia and a local Boy Scouts chapter.

Lesbian Bands Hear Them Roar

Lesbian Bands, Hear Them Roar

Hear them roar. Many of today’s queer female bands are grappling with their riot grrrl legacy.

The Kids Are Not All Right

The Kids Are Not All Right

For the estimated 2 million children of same-sex couples, anti–marriage equality laws have a real and harmful impact.

What a Biopic Does for Robert Mapplethorpe's Legacy

What a Biopic Does for Robert Mapplethorpe's Legacy

Upcoming Robert Mapplethorpe biopics guarantee the legacy of the maverick photographer will live on.