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Celebrate Bent-Con With 7 Great LGBTQ Graphic Novels

Bent Con — the queer pop culture convention that celebrates LGBT comics, graphic novels, cartooning, animation, gaming, and sci-fi/fantasy/horror books and films — hits Los Angeles this weekend, November 8-10. If you can't make it there (or even if you can), you'll want to pick up one of these compelling LGBTQ graphic novels.

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Al-Qaeda’s Super Secret Weapon, David J. Zelman (Northwest Press)

This hilarious adult farce begins with John McCain’s interview (in response to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) in which he claimed that the presence of out gay soldiers would weaken military preparedness and disrupt unit cohesion.  In the graphic novel, once Al-Qaeda leadership uncovers the potential of gay men to disrupt the world’s mightiest military they immediately launch a full-scale gay offensive. The story follows one promising recruit, Mahmoud as he goes undercover, infiltrating the gay world and learning gay ways until he is thoroughly assimilated. When he and the other sleeper agents are activated, they join the U.S. military and disrupt hetero troops with their offensive and intriguing gayness. But has the plan worked too well? And can Mahmoud reconcile his feelings for his undercover target? Read it and laugh away.


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