PHOTOS: Russian Hooligans in NYC

PHOTOS: Russian Hooligans in NYC

Our good friends at Galerie MooiMan are always bringing the best stuff to us. Thanks to them for giving us the tip on this exhibit of photos of the most beautiful Russian men and boys around.

Seva Galkin is a Russian photographer, producer, director, and editor in chief of who has had many exhibitions in Russia, Germany, and Sweden. The out photographer has been able to place himself beyond the bullying in Vladimir Putin's Russia. Galkin swims against the current. The male body has been the center of his creative research. Hooligans addresses these issues directly. Galkin is clearly influenced by Soviet art with a suggestion of the pre-revolutionary period as well as the erotic sensibilites of Kuzma Petrov Vodkin.

Russian Hooligans in NYC, July 3
Curated by Alexander Kargaltsev
315 Seigel St, 216, Brooklyn, NY, 11206

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