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All-American Girly Boys

All-American Girly Boys

When he was 4 years old, Kyle Jackson proudly approached his aunt at a birthday party and said, “Auntie Jess ... I’m not like other boys, I’m a girly boy.”

With that auspicious pronouncement, Jackson was on his way to a creative life that was not bound by traditional gender roles. Jackson became a commercial photographer who is naturally drawn to the confident swagger of drag performers in the bars. He was entranced by their femininity and saw that they were empowered by their enjoyment of their adopted roles.

"I wanted to document the pride and self-acceptance of the drag queens and use the photos to showcase this to the mainstream," he says. "'American Queen' does just that. I’ve spent the last four years documenting drag queens in my studio. The concentration started featuring just queens and is now expanding to include all individuals who feel empowered by their femininity. My message is clear: Be yourself, love yourself, and feel empowered."

To view more of Jackson’s photography, visit his website at KyleJacksonMedia.com or "like" his Facebook page. If you are in the New York City or Los Angeles areas and would like to be photographed for "American Queen," contact Jackson’s studio at Kyle@KyleJacksonMedia.com.

American Queen, Victoria Versai

American Queen, Jizzabella

KJ 004 AmericanQueen 3 0
American Queen

KJ 005 AmericanQueen 4 0
American Queen

American Queen, Vanity Faire

KJ 007 AmericanQueen 6 0
American Queen

KJ 008 AmericanQueen 7 0 0
American Queen, No. 4

KJ 009 AmericanQueen 8 0
American Queen

KJ 010 LucysGotaSecret.jpg X633 0
Lucy's Got a Secret

KJ 011 WednesdayWestwood.jpg X633 2 0

Wednesday Westwood

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