Ellen DeGeneres
has high hopes for proposed talk show

In an interview
with The Boston Globe, Ellen DeGeneres says she hopes
that her proposed upcoming gig as a talk-show host is one
that will last. "I'm hoping the talk show will take me far
enough into the future so I don't have to do anything else
ever again," says DeGeneres, who is about to kick off a
nationwide stand-up comedy tour. "I never want to say
'never' [about doing another sitcom]. But it seems that
because people know me so well, it's kind of hard for me to
be a character. After the Emmys, especially, it felt so
right for me to be onstage being me."
While DeGeneres's upcoming talk show is contingent
upon there being no conflict with her current CBS series,
reporter Jim Sullivan writes, "DeGeneres discusses
the demise of The Ellen Show as if it's already a
done deal."

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