Sandra Bernhard burns bridges

Sandra Bernhard is not still here, damn it--she's in London, where she's doing her stand-up act and not exactly waxing patriotic, according to MSNBC gossip maven Jeannette Walls. Bernhard's act includes "making light of 9/11, ridiculing stars like Billy Joel and Mariah Carey for their fund-raising efforts, razing Americans' reactions to the tragedy, and calling George W. Bush, among other things, a 'dunce.'"

"The infrastructure of America and the world is caving in, and George Bush is a figurehead of that," Bernhard told an interviewer at The [London] Guardian. "I don't think he's an informed person or intelligent or interesting. I think he got waylaid into the job by his family, he's in over his head, and he's kind of a dunce."

She has unkind words for U.S. citizens as well. "Americans are lazy.... They don't have a concept of how the world interacts with America or how the world interacts with itself.... It's a little scary to be in a country so detached from reality and so ready to buy into the propaganda that the enemy is out there lurking, ready to attack us again."

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