Gay Newspaper Thief Caught at Nashville's Vanderbilt University

Gay Newspaper Thief Caught at Nashville's Vanderbilt University

A woman has been trashing piles of the Out & About LGBT newspaper for more than a year at Nashville's Vanderbilt University, but the thief has finally been caught.

Surveillance cameras repeatedly caught a woman grabbing the Out & About issues and dumping them in a recycling bin.

“We’ve asked for help from Vanderbilt police and from Vanderbilt’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Disability Services Office,” Jerry Jones, publisher of Out & About, said Wednesday on the newspaper's website. “While they expressed great concern that a potential employee or student could be doing this, they offered no assistance in making it stop unless we secured the identity of the person responsible."

But Out & About just reported that Vanderbilt authorities nabbed the woman, who has worked for the university for three decades. Vanderbilt police agreed to get involved after Out & About created signage indicating the first newspaper was free and each additional copy cost 50 cents. The woman's identity has not yet been released. Read more here.



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