WATCH: A Song To Erase Labels

WATCH: A Song To Erase Labels

Musician Ryan Amador created a song that fights labels with both its lyrics, its music video, and the with the profits being donated to "an organization that actively promotes social equality for LGBT citizens."

Amador performed the song during the True Colors LGBT Youth Conference in March and in the video Jo Lampert joins in on vocals. A portion of the lyrics to "Define Me" are included below, followed by the video, found via Towleroad.

We’re starting this party tonight
Where people will be undefined
And love who they want, when the judgment is done
And won’t have to hide

We’re starting this party right now
Where people can shake off their doubts
And send out their love as it moves through the crowd
And people can shout

That they love a man
Or they love a woman
And no one will be judged for love
And I can’t be judged for who I am

Watch the complete video below:

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