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House Hunters International Profiles Binational Couple Exiled Over DOMA

House Hunters International Profiles Binational Couple Exiled Over DOMA

HGTV’s hit series House Hunters International is going inside the story of Devin and Ivan, a gay binational couple who previously lived in Washington, D.C., but have been forced abroad because of DOMA’s impact on LGBT couples.

HGTV describes the episode on their site: “Ivan and Devin, built a life together in DC: they worked jobs they loved, shared their home with their beloved dog and exchanged wedding vows. But when Ivan’s work visa expired, he had no other choice but to head back to his native Bogota, Colombia with his American husband, Devin, and their dog, Danger. Ivan’s mother is delighted her son is back home and has extended her indefinite hospitality, but the couple agrees it’s time to find their own digs. With few dog-friendly buildings, and an extensive wish-list, real estate agent, Sam Miller has his work cut out for him. But will he deliver the goods? Find out, when House Hunters International sets its sights on Bogota, Colombia.”

Immigration Equality is heralding the upcoming epsisode, reminding viewers that "Ivan and Devin are one of countless couples who have been forced into exile because U.S. immigration law does not allow LGBT Americans to sponsor their foreign-born spouses for residency.  Because of DOMA, couples are too often forced to choose between separation or living abroad.  While 29 other countries recognizes LGBT couples for immigration purposes, the United States continues to deny equal immigration rights for those families."

The episode will air at 10 p.m. ET on Monday, August 13, on HGTV and again at 1:30 a.m. ET.

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