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Andrew Rannells Says New Normal Will Avoid Gay Stereotypes

Andrew Rannells Says New Normal Will Avoid Gay Stereotypes

Andrew Rannells, star of NBC's The New Normal, says the hit sitcom's creators Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler are being "very cautious" to avoid letting the gay characters devolve into stereotypes. 

Some viewers have criticized the show's gay couple who are planning to have a child as "over the top stereotypes." During an interview with Vulture Rannells offers his opinion and what fans can look forward to in coming episodes.

"I certainly understand," Rannells says, in regard to concern over the issue of stereotypes. "As a homosexual, having watched gays on TV be portrayed, sometimes it’s really great and sometimes it’s just a punch line. I think Ryan and [co-creator] Ali Adler are very cautious about that. And I can tell you, going forward, they’ve given me in particular some real range with this character."

Rannells also commends his on-screen partner Justin Bartha for his progressive attitude about playing a gay character.

"He’s not looking for any pats on the back," Rannells offers. "So often, when straight actors play homosexuals, they get, 'He’s so brave. That was such a brave decision for him to play this part. What a brave role.' And to me that seems like bullshit, because if a part is good, it’s a good part."

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