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RuPaul's Drag Race's Jaidynn Diore Fierce: 'I Learned to Love Myself'

RuPaul's Drag Race's Jaidynn Diore Fierce: 'I Learned to Love Myself'


The Advocate spoke with RuPaul's Drag Race's Jaidynn Diore Fierce after she sashayed away.


Last week the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race were not pleased when RuPaul announced that one of the eliminated contestants would be returning for a second chance at the crown. Ginger Minj, in particular, turned a hue to match her name this episode when Trixie Mattel and then Tempest DuJour and then Kandy Ho and then the rest of the cast of season 7 each chantayed back into workroom from which they had once sashayed away.

There would be a competition, RuPaul announced, where each of the remaining queens would be paired with one who was eliminated to create a "conjoined twin" runway look. The winning contestant would redeem the queen attached to her hip, breast, back, buttocks, or genitals.

What followed was perhaps one of the greatest runways in Drag Race herstory. Having finally emerged from her shell, a white-wigged and -wanded Pearl won the day and a second chance for Mattel, who was controversially eliminated after losing a lip-synch to Pearl in a prior episode.

Sadly, Jaidynn Diore Fierce had to sashay away. Though she gave an admirable show with the long-limbed DuJour attached to her backside, she lost to Ginger Minj. Conquering her initial dismay at the contestants' return, Minj turned it out, surgically separated herself from her twin Sasha Belle on the runway, and delivered an epic performance with her nipples exposed to the world.

The Advocate spoke to Fierce about her final performance, overcoming homophobia, and what's next after Drag Race.

The Advocate: How did you prepare for RuPaul's Drag Race?
Jaidynn: I spent weeks sewing and ordering supplies and taking out loans! It was a lot, but I got it all done!

What was going through your mind when all the eliminated contestants walked through the door?
I was thankful that it wasn't me. Well, until it was. But it was bittersweet. These girls are all my sisters.

Do you think it's fair that RuPaul gave a "second chance" to one of the contestants?
RuPaul has the right to do whatever she wants, even though it can be frustrating for us especially when we didn't get a break! [Laughs] But overall, it's all a part of the show!

What was your strategy in your "conjoined twins" look and performance with Tempest DuJour?
I didn't have a strategy at all -- we just did what we could and worked it out to the best of our ability!

What were the challenges of being a twin with someone who looks so different from you?
It definitely was [a challenge]. We were totally opposites physically, but we work so well together! Tempest is truly an amazing and talented queen!

If you could have chosen your twin, who would you have chosen, and why?
Probably Ginger. I'm sure we could've come up with some type of funny big girl concept. And we could've helped each other in the areas where the other is challenged.

Whose "conjoined twin" look impressed you the most?
I loved Kandi and Fame's look! It was my fave!

Do you agree with the judges' critique that your look was "basic"?
Well, the fabric we wanted to use, they didn't have enough of to make our costume, which would've made it look much better. We did what we could, and I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason.

Were you surprised to be in the bottom two?
No, I wasn't. I knew it would be a challenge.

What was it like to lip-synch with another person attached to you?
It was weird having someone attached, but oh well ... I did the best I could.

Looking back on the episode, would you have done anything else differently to avoid elimination?
I would've tried a different concept.

What are your feelings about Trixie Mattel bring brought back into Drag Race? Was there someone else you were rooting for?
I think Trixie is very talented, and I know she would be a great fit for the competition. Overall, I would've loved for my sister Max to come back.

Was there a Drag Race challenge or a skill that you were disappointed you didn't get to show the world?
I would've loved to sew a runway look on the show or sing! I would've killed those challenges!

A larger queen has yet to make it to the top three in Drag Race. Does Ginger have a chance of breaking that glass ceiling this season?
I believe that she does have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! Hopefully so!

Coming from the black community in the South, what were the challenges of being gay and pursuing drag?
Not being accepted, being made fun of. I spent my whole life hiding, but it looks like soon enough I will finally be able to be free and be my true self.

Who is your favorite among the remaining queens this season?
Probably Miss Fame! She's a sweetheart as well. Love her!

What do you think are the qualities and skills required to be America's Next Drag Superstar?
If you can sing, dance, act well, and can create amazing looks, you got it in the bag!

What lessons have you learned from your time on RPDR?
I learned that I am loved by many. I need to control my anxiety, and I learned to love myself inside and out!

What are the must-see destinations of an LGBT visitor to your hometown of Nashville?
Opryland mall and hotel, Broadway downtown, [and] Play Dance Bar!

What first attracted you to drag, and what inspired your drag name?
Performing is what attracted me to drag. I've always loved the name Jaidynn, Diore is a play on words from Dior the brand, and Fierce is because I am what? Fierce!

What should a drag queen always keep in her purse?
Some deodorant, so you don't smell like old lamb chops and dead roaches! [Laughs]

What's next after RuPaul?
Touring, merchandise lines, music videos!

Why did the drag queen cross the road?
Because she saw a shoe sale for 60 percent off! [Laughs] I would run across the road for that!

Thanks, Jaidynn! Revisit her hilarious spoof of Bianca Del Rio in the "Sissy That Walk" parody with Max and Violet Chachki below.

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Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.
Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.