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Tony Perkins: Boycott Betty Crocker's Gay Wedding Cakes

Tony Perkins: Boycott Betty Crocker's Gay Wedding Cakes


The leader of the hate group Family Research Council is steamed over the Minnesota-based baking goods company's support for marriage equality.

When Minnesota's marriage equality law went into effect August 1, the Minneapolis-based baking goods supplier Betty Crocker offered free wedding cakes to some of the happy, newly married gay and lesbian couples. A company spokesman said at the time that "Betty celebrates all families. ... We don't want to be old-fashioned."

That was enough for noted homophobe Tony Perkins, president of the certified antigay hate group Family Research Council, to give up Betty's delicious confections for good. And now Perkins wants all his fellow conservatives to do the same.

Perkins railed against Betty Crocker and its parent company, General Mills, today on his radio program, urging listeners to support the National Organization for Marriage's boycott at, reports Right Wing Watch. Perkins and his antigay allies at NOM also continue to promote ongoing boycotts of Starbucks, Target, and JC Penney for the corporations' inclusive employment policies, gay spokespeople, and support for pro-equality candidates.

"At Betty Crocker, the only thing they're mixing up is their priorities," said Perkins in a minute-long segment captured at Right Wing Watch. Calling Minnesota same-sex marriages "counterfeit marriage," Perkins urged listeners, "When you're at the store, think outside the Betty Crocker box!"

Listen to the audio at Right Wing Watch.

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