Tina Fey's Hilarious 'Auntie Creepy' Is a Royal Wedding Nightmare

Tina Fey

Introducing the Duchess of Devonshire-Upon-Cump.

"I am both your aunt and your niece," Tina Fey, portraying a fictitious Royal Wedding guest, explained to Prince Harry (Mikey Day), as he gave Saturday Night Live viewers a tour of the B-list reception. 

"Auntie Creepy!" exclaimed Day's Harry. "Dad used to say if we were bad, we'd have to come live with you!"

"Right he was! Because I am a monster and a bit of a pedophile," Fey's character replied.

Fey's "Auntie Creepy" was one of the most memorable guests at the reception — a spoof that the NBC comedy show managed to pull together the same day of the Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Other attendees of the less-distinguished reception included Russell Brand (Pete Davidson), Elton John (Aidy Bryant), Markle's fellow "briefcase girls" from Deal or No Deal, and Leslie Jones as herself.

Watch the skit below.

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