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Hannah Gadsby's Douglas Trailer Is Finally Here 

Hannah Gadsby's Douglas Trailer Is Finally Here 

Hannah Gadsby

The follow-up to Gadsby's Emmy-winning, incendiary Nanette looks in part at why that show resonated for American audiences. 

Although she was known well in her native Australia, out comic Hannah Gadsby took the United States by storm with her premiere Netflix special, Nanette, two summers ago. A show that began with hilariously dry jokes and steered the audience into Gadsby's excoriation of toxic masculinity resonated particularly in the wake of the #MeToo movement. In Douglas, named after her dog, Gadsby jokes about her rise in popularity in the United States following the level of the trauma she revealed in Nanette. And the long-awaited trailer is now out.

"If you're here because of Nanette, why?" Gadsby asks in Douglas. "Had I know just how wildly popular trauma was going to be in the context of comedy, I might have budgeted my shit a bit better."

Gadsby broke with her usual protocol in Nanette by ending the show with the deadly serious, timely issue of sexual assault, and she has said that Douglas will be topical as well as funny.

Regarding the shocking turn Nanette takes that resonated with audiences, she has told The Advocate, "I didn't do it lightly. I really did break the contract with my audience. To be facetious, I think I can be proud that I've been able to shock them and pique this attention. That's very hard to do in this day and age."

Watch the trailer for Douglas below. The special premieres on Netflix on May 26.

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