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WATCH: This Gay Vlogger Is Supporting Donald Trump (Not Ironically)

WATCH: This Gay Vlogger Is Supporting Donald Trump (Not Ironically)


Kyle Kittleson stumps for Trump.

Whether it's a play for attention or a sincere claim of devotion, gay vlogger Kyle Kittleson released a video Sunday declaring his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Kittleson cites three main reason for supporting the incendiary candidate, who catapulted himself up the polls through divisive rhetoric about women and undocumented Americans. Trump's shaky stances on infrastructure, immigration, and equality are the issues that sold Kittleson.

The vlogger claims Trump will invest in new roads and hospitals that help invigorate the economy (as per his style, the candidate has released few specifics on what exactly will be funded and how). Kittleson also likes Trump's immigration stance, which has called for a massive wall built between the U.S. and Mexico. The vlogger mentions the number of hungry people in the country and says, "Why would we make [hunger] worse by opening up a stream of illegal immigrants?"

Finally, Kittleson says Trump supported equal rights for LGBT people long before Hillary Clinton did. Kittleson cites a 2000 interview in The Advocate where Trump expressed support for legal same-sex unions and protections against work discriminations.

Kittleson says he's far from the only gay fan of Trump. "I have a lot of gay friends who totally support Trump but won't support him publicly. Why? Because they're afraid they'll lose their clients, their friends, and their gay card."

Watch the video below via Towleroad.

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