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Bisexual Pop Star Halsey Endorses Sanders for President

Haley Sanders

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and current Advocate cover star Halsey came out today in support of Bernie Sanders, filming a video explaining why the Vermont senator is her candidate for president.

“Bernie Sanders has been fighting for me since before I was alive: a queer woman in a multiracial household who was raised poor in an American suburb,” Halsey says in the video, which was released on the day of Democratic primaries in six states, including Michigan and Missouri.

Halsey explained how Sanders's policies for free college and universal health care would have benefited her before her stardom, when she couldn't afford her desired college or to treat a reproductive disorder.

Before the age of 21, Halsey said she repeatedly required medical assistance, housing assistance, financial assistance, and abortion services. These experiences colored her support for Sanders now that her success and financial stability have buffered her from most effects of discrimination; marginalization that could have killed her, she says.

“A victory for Bernie would symbolize a revolutionary shift in the way a government is supposed to work, to mobilize and organize change that starts with the people, for the people, a shift that is long overdue,” Halsey says. “Bernie Sanders has not once relented in his pursuit of this activation, and we deserve a president like that.”

Watch her video below.

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