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Bernie Sanders Suspends Facebook Ads, Assessing Campaign


Bernie Sanders has suspended Facebook ads for his presidential campaign, a sign that the campaign itself could be over soon.

Sanders had no ads on Facebook this morning, Axios reports. Other candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, such as Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg, had ceased advertising on the platform shortly before dropping out.

The senator from Vermont and his wife, Jane, were traveling back to their home in the state today to “assess the path forward for our campaign,” said a statement released by campaign manager Faiz Shakir, according to Axios. Shakir admitted that “last night did not go the way we wanted,” as former Vice President Joe Biden won the three primaries that were held Tuesday, in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois.

Sanders and Biden have both canceled campaign rallies due to the COVID-19 crisis, and Sanders particularly had relied on rallies to generate excitement for his candidacy.

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