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Gay Movie Fanatic Spoofs 2020 Oscar Contenders in Less Than 5 Minutes

Tommy Dickie

Best Picture goes to ... Parasite! At the Dickie Awards, that is.

At this year's spoof of Hollywood's biggest night, gay actor Tommy Dickie (Meet the Winklesteins, The Wave) recreates scenes from his favorite films and gives awards to those that he — not the Academy — believes are worthy of acclaim.

The result is not only hilarious, but also a more diverse lineup than what will in contention at the Sunday ceremony. For example, Dolemite Is My Name, the Netflix Eddie Murphy starrer, as well as Lupita N'yongo (Us), both receive parody attention in the clip. And while Parasite still has a chance of taking home Best Picture at the Academy Awards, the Dickies also recognized its talented South Korean cast members.

Regardless, the Dickies showcases some of 2019's best movies and performances through a string of comedic sketches, making it a good primer for the Oscars (in less than five minutes!). And in a year when none of the Oscar contenders are LGBTQ-themed, Dickie brings a fresh queer spin to the proceedings. 

Sadly, even at the Dickies, Cats received no love.

Watch the hilarity of the Dickie Awards below. And don't miss the Oscars Sunday on ABC.

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