San Diego task force issues medical marijuana guidelines

The San Diego Medical Cannabis Task Force has issued new guidelines that would allow chronically ill people who use marijuana to treat symptoms of their ailments to legally possess up to three pounds of marijuana and grow as many as 72 marijuana plants, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The guidelines also would give caregivers who cultivate and distribute marijuana to people with chronic illnesses like AIDS and cancer the legal right to store as much as 12 pounds of marijuana and grow as many as 90 plants.

The San Diego city council now must approve the guidelines for them to take effect in the city. The task force was established in May by a city council committee to determine how to implement California's voter-backed Proposition 215, which allows for medical marijuana use throughout the state. The guidelines are now before the council's Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee, which is expected to bring the measure to the full council later this year.

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