Arkansas will not get federal funds to eliminate ADAP waiting list

Although Arkansas's AIDS Drug Assistance Program is struggling to make up for a budget deficit and has already capped enrollment to cut costs, the state will not be one of the 10 to receive part of a pledged $20 million in federal funds to eliminate ADAP waiting lists. President Bush last week in Philadelphia announced the release of the extra federal funds to provide anti-HIV drugs to low-income and uninsured people who can't afford them. Arkansas currently receives about $3.1 million in federal funds for its ADAP but needs about $5.1 million annually to care for its 460 ADAP enrollees. The state was not chosen as one of those to receive the extra federal ADAP funds because the additional money was allocated to states with the highest numbers of AIDS patients and fastest-rising numbers of new HIV infections, according to Arkansas ADAP administrator Lola Thrower.

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