Georgia HIV
clinic shuts down

The Georgia
Division of Public Health has shut down a clinic in
Carrollton, Ga., that provided care to about 75 HIV-positive
clients due to what health officials call
“major concerns” about confidentiality
issues and the quality of care provided, the Southern
reports. A press release issued by the
Michael Smith Center claimed that it was shut down due to
funding cuts, but a statement issued on behalf of
public health director Michael Brackett says officials
had voiced concerns about confidentiality and
quality-of-care problems at the clinic for more than year
but that no significant effort was made to correct
them. "The space for the clinic was not acceptable,
and client confidentiality required for the privacy of
clinical services was not being observed," the statement
says, reports Southern Voice.

HIV clients will
now be forced to seek HIV care in either LaGrange, Ga.,
more than 45 miles from the Michael Smith Center, or in
Griffin, Ga., about 60 miles away. Transportation
assistance to those clinics is available for HIV
patients who need it, local health officials say. (The

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