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Girl Transitions Without Medical Intervention

Girl Transitions Without Medical Intervention


Many trans girls say they always felt like a girl trapped inside a boy's body, and that was certainly the case for Ryan McKenna. But unlike her trans peers, McKenna didn't need hormones or top surgery to transition. Her own biology did that for her.

According to Yahoo! News, McKenna is actually intersex and has a hormonal imbalance that caused her to began developing breasts and a curvy figure at the same time as her teenage girlfriends.

"My transformation was amazing. I was a little ginger boy, then I went curvy like a woman," Ryan told The Sun. "I'm really lucky. I never got any facial hair and I haven't got an Adam's apple. My bum is perky like a woman's and my waist is narrow and hour-glassy."

McKenna says she grew up as one of the girls, giggling about boys and boobs and periods. "Sometimes they'd talk about their periods and forgot I don't get them. They're the only girls' thing I'm glad I haven't got."

Now a young adult, McKenna still plans to have bottom surgery but says blossoming into a woman without medical intervention has been like "a fairy tale."

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