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P!nk & Channing Tatum Explore Gender Roles in '50s-Era 'Beautiful Trauma' Video

P!nk and Channing Tatum

P!nk and Tatum find marital bliss through sexual exploration and the swapping of gender roles in her latest video.

Following P!nk's high-flying performance of "Beautiful Trauma," off of her new album of the same name, at the American Music Awards last Sunday, she just released the candy-colored video for the song that explores gender roles and skewers the trappings of traditional marriage.

In the addicting video directed and choreographed by Nick Florez and RJ Durell, Channing Tatum joins P!nk in a claustrophobic '50s-era heterosexual marriage in which she's so poorly suited for domesticity that she pops pills while burning the food in the oven and clothes with the iron while he pours the contents of his flask into his coffee and hides Bettie Page pin-ups behind the morning paper.

The eye-popping video, while loaded with humor, hearkens to depictions of mid-century marital misery like in Revolutionary Road and the Julianne Moore section of The Hours . In the video, the unhappy couple fumbles through their prescribed gender roles via dance and drowning themselves in martinis. That is until they discover the secret to their happy marriage may be in sexual exploration and the swapping of gender roles.

It's not the first time P!nk, a tireless ally for LGBT people, has investigated the wonderful fluidity of gender. She portrayed two sides of herself in the 2012 video for her hit "Blow Me One Last Kiss" in which her two selves, one in a gown and one in a man's suit, waltzed with one another. When she was awarded the MTV Video Music Awards Vanguard Award this summer, she addressed her heartfelt speech to her 6-year-old daughter Willow about gender roles after Willow voiced concern that she wasn't pretty enough and that she was too much like a boy.

Watch P!nk and Tatum push their boundaries in "Beautiful Trauma."

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