Beyoncé & Madonna Dropped New Music Today and It's Like Gay Christmas

 Beyoncé & Madonna Dropped New Music Today and It's Like Gay Christmas

There are only a handful of true divas in pop music remaining. Two of those divas, who collectively span generations, dropped new music Wednesday. Now gay Twitter is celebrating the work of women who moved the ball forward in music in their own ways.

Beyoncé fans were already hyped about the release of her Netflix special Homecoming and about her stunning Coachella performance, but then she did something truly Beyoncé and dropped a surprise 40-track album, Homecoming: The Live Album, to accompany the documentary. Music fans were losing it on social media over Beyoncé’s surprise album, and especially over her cover of “Before I Let Go” by Maze and Frankie Beverly.

Then Madonna dropped her new single, “Medillin,” which features reggaeton artist Maluma. The single is off her upcoming album Madame X, due out June 14. It’s her first album since 2015’s Rebel Heart.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé continues to be the queen of everything she touches. It’s also not the first time she’s dropped an album that fans had no idea was coming. In 2013, she surprised fans by releasing her self-titled visual album on iTunes.

While there’s a tendency to often pit women against each other or to compare and contrast them, there’s been a strong positive and celebratory reaction on social media to the fact that two timeless divas have released music on the same day.

“Madonna & Beyoncé releasing new material on the same day is like having your beyday on Xmas day,” one Twitter user wrote. 

Here are more reactions that celebrate the music powerhouses.


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