Poll: Arizonans
back same-sex marriage ban

Most Arizonans
would support a state constitutional amendment to ban
same-sex marriage, according to a new poll. About 57% of
Arizonans would back an initiative defining marriage
as a union between a man and woman, says a poll of 600
residents commissioned by The Arizona Republic.
Only 37% said they would vote against it, while 6% were

The poll did not
ask respondents whether they would support such a
measure if it denied benefits to same-sex partners. Another
poll conducted last month found that a majority of
respondents would oppose an amendment that denied
public benefits to unmarried domestic partners, an
issue that is expected to be key in the debate about the

Arizona already
has a law that prohibits same-sex marriages, but the
Arizona constitution doesn't explicitly ban them. To get the
measure on the November 2006 ballot, proponents need
at least 183,000 valid signatures by July. The poll
was conducted October 6–9 and had a margin of
error of plus or minus four percentage points. (AP)

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