N.C. Woman Comes Out, Gets Fired By Govt. Employers

N.C. Woman Comes Out, Gets Fired By Govt. Employers

For four years, Veda Renfrow helped broadcast meetings of the Wake County, N.C. commissioners. One day after the commission voted to support the antigay Amendment One, the Raleigh woman found herself out of a job.

Renfrow came out to co-workers shortly after the commission voted in support of the antigay ballot initiative on Feb. 20. Renfrow, who works as a subcontractor for the county commission, says she was called in the next day by a subcontractor for the county and informed her services were no longer needed; no definitive reason was given, Renfrow claims. Before the vote, Renfro told some LGBT friends that the commission planned to take up the issue of Amendment One.

"If that's part of why I was let go, then I mean, it doesn't really make much sense because it's supposed to be transparency of government anyway and it's on an agenda item online,” she told the local media.

Renfrow has brought up her concerns with the commission, who claims they will look into the matter. 

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